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Become the leader you always knew you could be: resilient, inclusive and ethical. 改变你的工作、家庭、社区和个人生活.



用MBA让自己在你的领域脱颖而出. 学习如何更好地领导团队和提高底线.



The 心理咨询文学硕士 program is designed to develop highly competent mental health counselors who are skilled in the delivery of direct service, 了解当前的经验和理论发展, 并且能够批判性地评估临床研究. 该计划遵循以能力为基础, practitioner model and is designed for adult learners who are seeking state licensure in mental health counseling. The practitioner model places primary emphasis on the preparation of students for productive careers as professionals in clinical counseling settings. Coursework and supervised practical experiences provide the opportunity to learn and develop skills in the assessment of problem behavior and in interventions with children, 成年人, 夫妻, 家庭及团体. Incorporated into this approach is exposure to ethical, professional, and inter-professional issues. 教师 in the 心理咨询文学硕士 program are practicing professionals in the field of mental health counseling. 



教育学硕士(M.Ed.) program is committed to giving special attention to the needs of K-12 teachers. Many of the classes offered through our site-based graduate programs in 内布拉斯加州 are held in K-12 schools across the state. 澳门威尼斯人网址's graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction consists of both coursework and 领域经验s. Our program is designed for students to enhance their knowledge, attitude and skills. 除了提供在线课程和校园课程. 



The Educational Leadership program prepares candidates for positions as school assistant principals and principals in 内布拉斯加州. 我们的创新项目始于1996年夏天, and was developed collaboratively with practicing school administrators in 内布拉斯加州 as well as uses recommendations from the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. The graduate programs are fully accredited by the North Central Association, the 状态 of 内布拉斯加州 and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). 领导者需要哪些技能才能在学校有所作为? 作为一名研究生, you will answer this core question through a series of integrated courses and experiences focusing on the various dimensions of school leadership in K-12 schools. Coursework includes: Lessons with successful regional leaders who share their unique approaches to leadership, 学生的成功和专业知识. 通过课堂学习对领导者角色的复杂理解, 领域经验, 反思活动和基于行动的研究. How to manage change and create collaborative action on behalf of teaching and learning. You will move through the program in a small group of students allowing for a more concept-based process rather than class-based, 并在毕业典礼后建立长久的关系. 



The 学校咨询教育硕士 is designed for those who are wanting to become highly competent school counselors. Students will be prepared to work with diverse populations in elementary, secondary and high schools. The academic preparation follows guidelines established by the state and certification boards. 作为一名毕业生,你将:  在校内提供服务方面变得熟练, be knowledgeable about current trends in school counseling programs demonstrate the ability to establish and implement interventions to meet the needs of children and adolescents demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other school personnel, families and community services be able to conduct assessments of cognitive, 儿童和青少年的行为和学业需要.



Doane的教育专家项目, 高级学位, prepares candidates to be leaders at the organization or systems levels of school districts, 社会服务机构, 非营利性组织, 以及其他为他人服务的组织. 



澳门威尼斯人网址's 教育学博士学位 (EdD) prepares scholar leaders by developing the highly specialized knowledge and skills required of modern educational leaders. This practitioner's degree has an added focus on re搜索 and its applications. 



The 教学设计与技术理学硕士 online degree program provides the knowledge and skills needed to capitalize on one of the fastest-growing areas in higher education, 企业培训等教育机构.


教育有红利. 我们的经济援助团队会为你讲解各种选择,比如奖学金, 奖助金, loans or work-study programs – that can help support your decision to come to Doane.


We offer comprehensive and flexible programs that allow you to achieve your education and career goals – whether you're a full-time student or full-time worker.


Studies show students at liberal arts schools graduate on time at a higher rate than public universities. 让我们帮助实现这一目标.


There are no hidden fees or add-ons to your bill here—we’re all about value. 我们知道你的教育是一项投资, 这就是为什么我们以可承受的成本提供优秀的教育.


我们为学生提供独特的, inclusive setting in intimate classrooms of about 11 students and professors. 你将获得实用知识,从而在竞争中获得优势.


Accredited since 1913, we’re dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. 86% of our Class of 2018 graduates are employed or continuing their education.


我们为您提供工具并鼓励您取得成功. 我们也帮助做决定,比如经济援助, 实习, 面试, 还有课程表,对你来说更容易.


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